model MS300
carrier 7-14
Weight (kg) 750
Dimension A (mm) 70-90
Dimension B (mm) 40-60
Dimension C (mm) 210-230
Dimension D (mm) 300
Dimension E (mm) 1600
Dimension F (mm) 1530
Dimension G (mm) 1470

Treemaster has a unique modular design that allows you to adapt the attachment to your precise cutting needs.
\r\nComprising three individual modules, it means the different elements can be attached or dispensed with as and when required.
\r\nSo, when there is no need to hold the timber during cutting, the cutting module can be connected directly to the rotator / mounting module.
\r\nThis provides enhanced agility and precision when felling, pruning, processing and handling timber and for cutting up waste timber.
\r\nIf holding the timber is required, the grab module can be fitted quickly and easily thanks to Treemaster’s ingenious ‘semi quick coupling’ system.
\r\nOne convenient lever movement is all that’s required to connect hoses simply and under pressure, enabling safe configuration change in just a matter of minutes.

Hydraulic requirement
1 x double acting circuit minimum.
Supplied with
2 pin mounting bracket (to suit direct mount or quick hitch).
Diverter control kit.
360º Rotation.
  • Counterbalance design for added safety and improved stability.
  • Unique Floating Grab Module to maximise cutting efficiency and minimise blade ‘pinch’.
  • Modular design for improved performance and flexibility.
  • Ingenious semi quick coupling system for rapid configuration changes.
  • 360 degree hydraulic rotation.
  • Cut or trim standing trees up to 450mm diameter.
  • Cut fallen trees into firewood.
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