pOM orange peel grab

model POM-3/380
teeth (nr) 3
Range 450
perform 2500
flow 220
fg 1340
Dimension A (mm) 1680
Dimension B (mm) 1180
Dimension C (mm) 1370
Dimension D (mm) 2000
model POM-4/550-P
teeth (nr) 4
Range 850
perform 5000
flow 300
fg 1300
Dimension A (mm) 2050
Dimension B (mm) 950
Dimension C (mm) 1160
Dimension D (mm) 2150
model POM-5/1000-P
teeth (nr) 5
Range 1350
perform 8000
flow 300
fg 1400
Dimension A (mm) 2250
Dimension B (mm) 1640
Dimension C (mm) 1940
Dimension D (mm) 2453

The orange peel grab POM line are designed to handle rocks stone and rocks.

Hydraulic requirement
1 x Double acting circuit (minimum).
Supplied with
Single pin mounting link.
Quick hitch mounting plate.
Mechanical or hydraulic rotation.
Diverter control kit, (allows grab and rotate functions to operate from one double acting circuit).
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