C Control

C Control is a failsafe coupler control switch that is compatible with solenoid operated coupler valves on excavators, loaders, telehandlers and tractors.

In recent years there has been continued focus on quick coupler design to improve their safety and to minimize the risk of injury and death on site. However there has been very little focus on the coupler control switch with the result that an operator can be faced with many different switch systems to operate the same type of coupler. This situation is particularly likely with ‘hired in’ equipment. It can lead to confusion and potentially hazardous situations.

Custom Branding
  • Simple intuitive operation using industry standard symbols.
  • Self Diagnostic function.
  • Built in safety cut-out in event of internal component failure.
  • Automatic return to last switch position following power interruption.
  • Two button operation incorporating fail-safe sequencing.
  • Status indicator LED lamp.
  • Informative but stress free dual warning tone.
  • Solid state construction with digital operation.
  • Dual voltage 12/ 24 volt.
  • Durable case construction.
  • Tamper proof design.
  • Simple multi position mounting - no drilling required.
  • Twin cables - 1.5/ 4.5 metre.
  • OEM or retro fit.
  • Suitable for use on excavators, loaders, telehandlers etc.
  • Customisable top panel.
  • Compatible with all leading brands of coupler.