bear claw

model BC13
angle (º) 2.5
Range 125
fg 170
Dimension A (mm) 750
Dimension B (mm) 10
Dimension D (mm) 250
model BC19
angle (º) 4-8
Range 260
fg 230
Dimension A (mm) 1000
Dimension B (mm) 12
Dimension D (mm) 250
model BC25BB
angle (º) 8-15
Range 330
fg 270
Dimension A (mm) 700
Dimension B (mm) 12
Dimension D (mm) 250
model BC25
angle (º) 13-20
Range 470
fg 270
Dimension A (mm) 1350
Dimension B (mm) 16
Dimension D (mm) 250
model BC35
angle (º) 15-25
Range 700
fg 340
Dimension A (mm) 1550

The Bear Claw is a shear grab which is best suited to smaller diameter and ‘multi stem’ timber. The grab arms pull the timber onto the fixed blade which is bolted into the bottom of the grab.

Hydraulic requirement
1 x Double acting circuit.
Supplied with
Two pin bracket.Whip hoses (not including QR fittings.
Delimbing jaw.
Tilting version.
Thicket clearing blade.
Accumalator grab.
  • Range of ‘Shear-Grabs’ to suit excavators and loaders from 2.5 to 25.00 tonnes.
  • Holds Timber Throughout Cutting Process.
  • Designed and built in Finland.
  • Replaceable Blade.
  • Manufactured using high grade structural and wear resistant steels, for exceptional durability.
  • Tilt option available.
  • ‘Delimbing Jaw’ option available (removes small branches prior to cutting the tree\r\n- also scrapes bark which aids drying).
  • ‘Thicket Clearing Blade’ option for multiple small stems
  • ‘Accumulator Grab’ option on some models.
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