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BMO-S Image
  • Hydraulic Requirement
  • 1 x Double acting circuit (minimum).
  • Supplied With
  • N/A.
  • Options
  • Cardan Link.
  • Digging Teeth.
  • Mechanical or hydraulic rotation.
  • Diverter control kit, (allows grab and rotate functions to operate from one double acting circuit).

BMO-S clamshell bucket


A versatile clamshell bucket best suited to truck cranes.

The compact design of the BMO-S line of clamshell buckets make them the ideal choice for truck mounted cranes. The shape of the shells and the high closing force make them suitable for both digging and loading.

Detachable digging teeth are available as an option.

These buckets can be fitted with either a manual (250 deg) or hydraulic (continuous) rotator, again available as an option.

These clamshell buckets must be mounted using a cardan link that allows "pendulum" movement in all four horizontal directions. Exac-One can supply custom-made links for any application.


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BMO-S Clamshell Schematic